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Manufactured in compliance with 351(a) and GMP requirements

We represent a line of exosomes which have been manufactured in accordance with current regulatory guidelines under 351(a). These more stringent regulations require more research and clinical trials. 

All testing for these products is performed on a batch by batch basis by third party laboratories and the manufacturing processes for the product has been reviewed by appropriate regulatory agencies.  As a result our products are able to be purchased for any independent research or investigational purposes.  Additionally, we are working with our manufacturer to seek a drug approval via an Investigational New Drug Application so that our products may be used and billed for specific clinical indications.


There are currently no clinically approved exosome products in the US.


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Purchase Orders

Purchase orders can sent to

Customer Service

One of our helpful agents will follow up with an order acknowledgement confirming your order.  

Fast Shipping

All orders will ship within 24 hours if order is placed before 3:00PM CST

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