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Chronic/Diabetic Wound Healing

"Chronic wounds treatment, as well as burns, which require immediate intervention.

was investigated by Rosca et al., concluding, "All these advantages bring light to the use of MSCs-derived exosomes as a new and effective approach in wound healing therapy without the confines that cellular therapy brings." In another article through Shabbir et al. states, "We hypothesize that exosomes derived from MSCs could be used for wound healing as a safe and effective ‘‘off the shelf’’ product and possibly obviate the concerns of MSCs, including transfer of infectious agents, development of unwanted cell types, culture-induced senescence, loss of functional properties, genetic instability, and/or eventual malignant transformation"

He et al., through a rat model conclude, "the microRNAs of exosomes derived from MSCs could be a therapeutic target for cutaneous wound healing.", through the Figure (a1) included below from their paper.

Screen Shot 2023-01-22 at 11.03.37 AM.png
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